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  Goals and Priorities


The mandate of the Portage la Prairie Community Revitalization Corporation (PCRC)
is to strengthen the well-being of Portage la Prairie by empowering citizens,
enhancing neighbourhoods, fostering community spirit
and building the capacity of community organizations.



Vibrant Portage Community Plan
for Community and Social Development


In 2013, the Portage la Prairie Community Revitalization Corporation (PCRC) consulted with Portage la Prairie residents to identify priority areas for our community. A city wide survey received 645 responses from community members, who shared their thoughts, concerns and ideas for a vibrant Portage la Prairie. In addition 188 youth responded to a Youth Input Survey. To provide deeper context, focus groups were held on topics such as youth opportunities, economic security and parks development. Together this input helped the PCRC create the Vibrant Portage Community Plan for Community and Social Development.

Building a Vibrant Portage la Prairie requires the entire community to become involved. Together with our community partners, PCRC will be encouraging all of Portage la Prairie to do their part to collectively achieve this community vision. This document summarizes the priority areas which emerged from the consultations. We encourage you to make a commitment to make a difference in one of the areas of the Vibrant Portage Community Plan!

 Recreation & Leisure
Building Economic Security
Beautification & Community Pride
ing Economic Security

Summary of Priority Areas

Community Building: Foster a welcoming community for all, with residents of all ages, cultures, income levels and backgrounds engaged and taking ownership of their neighbourhoods.

         Neighbourhood Activities

         Youth Engagement and Leadership

         Celebration of Portage’s Cultural and Social Diversity

         Community Events & Gatherings

         Promotion of Portage Stories & Successes

Affordable Recreation and Leisure: Increase the affordability, accessibility and awareness of recreation and leisure opportunities, with an emphasis on families, children and youth; pathway and park development.

         Affordable and Accessible Child and Family Recreation & Leisure Programs

         Vibrant Spaces & Leisure Opportunities for Youth and Young Adults

         Awareness of Existing Recreation and Leisure Programs

         Parks Development Plan & Development of North East Park

         Pathway / Active Transportation Route Development

Beautification & Community Pride: Build citizen responsibility for beautification by engaging citizens, businesses and organizations in beautifying properties, greenspaces, and streets.

         Community Clean-Ups

         Public Art

         Property Improvements (Residential and Business)

         Downtown & Saskatchewan Avenue Beautification

         Crescent Lake Revitalization

Building Economic Security: Increase access to employment and educational opportunities for lower income residents, by reducing barriers such as lack of childcare, transportation, limited employability skills, awareness of existing supports and ability to meet basic needs.

         Increasing Childcare Capacity

         Building a Skilled Workforce through Strengthening Employability Skills

         Raising Awareness of Barriers to Economic Security

         Building Social Supports and Life Skills

         Affordable Transportation Options

         Increasing Awareness of Existing Services

Safety and Crime Prevention: Increase perceptions of safety through community engagement, using the principles of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design

         Engaging Residents in Identifying and Addressing Safety Concerns

         Safety & Crime Prevention Strategy

         Graffiti Removal

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