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Momentum Child Care Initiative:


Discussion Paper:

“The State of Child Care in Portage la Prairie: Past, Present and Future”

Women in Portage la Prairie named access to reliable, quality child care as one of the most common obstacles they face as they attempt to go to work or to school. In order to better determine effective ways to help the community move forward on (address) this issue, The Momentum Project, Child Care initiative has recently  completed an in-depth review “The State of Child Care in Portage la Prairie: Past Present and Future”.  Building on a literature review, the paper draws on a combination of research, survey questionnaires, and key informant interviews to develop a detailed picture of child care in Portage la Prairie. This includes the historical “what worked to develop the programs in the past”, as well as why growth of the child care system in Portage la Prairie in the past 20 plus years has been so limited as to be almost non-existent.  The paper addresses questions such as who is having difficulty finding a child care space and why the community should be concerned. It clearly shows that child care positively influences children’s overall development and future success, supports parents’ ability to work or go to school, and provides economic benefits to the community. Building on the lessons learned the paper includes specific recommendations to strengthen and build the local child care system and, in so doing, to support women’s economic security. Please click on the links below to view.

 The State of Child Care in Portage la Prairie: Past, Present and Future PDF  Full paper 05/14

"The State of Child Care in Portage la Prairie: Past, Present and Future" PDF Executive Summary 05/14

"The State of Transportation in Portage la Prairie: Discussion Paper" PDF


The WLG (Women's Leadership Group) was an 11 month program facilitated by the Momentum project and various stakeholders that trained women in the skills and knowledge necessary from leadership in their communities, including workshop facilitation, coordinating public events, project design and implementation. The program was designed for women who were new to community building, work and wished to make a difference in their lives as well as the lives of others.

Momentum/WLG Overview and Work Plan.pdf




Click on this link to view The Momentum Report

Click on this link to view The Executive Summary


Click on this link for the latest update on the Momentum Project! August 2013 Update


PCRC wishes to thank everyone who participated in The Building Momentum: Creating a Vibrant Portage Together.

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